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IPG Appliance Tape - Refrigerator DoorIPG's has many years of experience meeting the ever-changing needs of appliance manufacturers. With filament reinforced tapes, MOPP based products, masking and double-coated tapes, IPG's quality product solutions have the appliance market locked down. Whether you’re manufacturing appliances or shipping spare parts, we have the solution for you. Get plugged into IPG for the highest degree of performance requirements in appliance grade tapes for strong adhesion and transfer resistance.

Applications Within the Appliance Industry

Assembly / Freezer Mounting - Trust IPG foil tapes to secure coils in order to enable the highest rate of temperature transfer
Bagging Parts - IPG’s Tandem Bagging System is ideal for bagging hardware fasteners and appliance parts
Basiloid Transport - RP24 polyester strapping tape is the industry leader for basiloid packaging applications
Bonding / Mounting - Whether it’s mounting front panel trim, a nameplate, a gasket or a profile, we have the perfect solution for you
General Masking & Assembly - IPG has various adhesive options that vary in chemical composition, thickness and performance ranges
Components Holding - Our solutions provide the security you need to prevent damages during shipping and offer residue-free removal to prevent costly service calls
Hole Covering - Tensilized polypropylene tape solutions for hole covering and a variety of tapes used to assist in preventing foam from leaking during the insulation process
Non-Critical Securing - IPG offers a wide range of tapes used for non-critical securing, where residue free removal isn’t required
Surface Protection - Tapes designed to protect delicate surfaces from scratches and other defects during assembly, packaging or transportation

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