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Automotive PBE Solutions

IPG is engineering new and better solutions to adapt to changing customer needs (be it new chemistry) and, more importantly, creating a sustainable advantage for our business partners.

Automotive Aftermarket

American brand tapes

For more than 50 years, the American® name has been recognized by customers in the automotive aftermarket for being a driving force in the design and delivery of innovative and high quality tape products that address the unique needs of this market. And, we have the distinct advantage of leveraging the extensive knowledge, technical expertise and full bundle of products available from IPG. The result is a comprehensive solution for the applications found in the automotive aftermarket.

Our vision for the Automotive PBE Market is to be recognized as a leader in performance masking, surface protection and complementary products so that we uphold our customer commitment to deliver solutions that increase productivity, maintain product integrity, improve your image, contain cost and promote environmental stewardship.

IPG SMT1 Automotive Masking Tape

American® brand products have long been trusted by professionals for their unsurpassed quality and performance. But we do not rely only on our history or reputation. Our mission is to build upon this proven performance and exceed the expectations of our customers in the automotive aftermarket.

Applications Within the Auto Aftermarket

Bagging Parts - IPG’s Tandem Bagging System is ideal for bagging hardware fasteners and auto parts
Bonding / Mounting - Double-coated tape featuring an extremely aggressive tack is ideal for many industrial auto aftermarket mounting, adhering and bonding applications
Automotive Masking - Full line of clean removal products that are compatible with a wide range of temperatures, the latest coatings and waterborne or solvent paints
Multi-Purpose Solutions - Fiberglass and polyester reinforced filament tape and cloth duct tape to satisfy even the most demanding requirements
UV Masking - UV resistant masking tapes that will remove cleanly from surfaces from 8 to 30 days

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