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The Painter's Choice

Hear what professional painters had to say about IPG's Pro•Mask Blue Painters Tape and other IPG Masking Tapes used in the 2015 Painting Olympics.

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IPG Painters Tape / Masking Tape produces clean paint linesIPG manufactures a wide range of consumer products offering solutions to the paint, packaging, HVAC, B&C and specialty markets. Our specially formulated pressure-sensitive tapes and films are designed with the customer in mind – whether contractor or DIY’er – IPG has the solution for you!

Applications Within the Consumer Market

Automotive - IPG’s American brand Automotive Refinishing Tapes have been trusted for many years by professionals for their unsurpassed quality and performance
Building & Construction / HVAC - Complete line of products specifically engineered to meet the most stringent requirements of the HVAC and B&C industries
Electrical - Vinyl electrical tapes from IPG offer solutions for any projects you have around your home
Duct Tape - When the solution seems improbable, IPG’s full line of duct tapes will satisfy any one of the tape’s millions of uses!
Packaging - IPG’s Carton Sealing Tapes feature a holding power formulated for consistent, reliable closures
Painting - TAPE then PAINT with confidence with our family of industry leading masking tapes
Specialty - IPG offers a variety of specialty products designed to provide solutions to for the most unique applications
Merchandising - Want your IPG products to stand out in your store? Try one of our many merchandising options

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