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Electrical / Electronic

IPG Electrical / Electronic TapeIPG offers Electrical and Electronic Assembly Tapes in a wide range of backings and adhesive systems to meet the demanding application requirements of the electrical, electronic, and aerospace industries.

These engineered products are manufactured under the strictest standards to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability. Many IPG Electrical Insulation Tapes are UL listed (File #OANZ2.E20780) and CSA Certified (File #LR94980). With the most comprehensive product line in the industry, IPG has the ideal solution to your most demanding applications.

Applications Within the Electrical / Electronics Industry

Bagging Electronic Parts - IPG’s Tandem Bagging System is ideal for bagging hardware fasteners and electronic parts
Dry-Type & Oil-Filled Transformers - Strong high tensile insulation tapes and transformer tapes
Electronics Assembly - Tapes that will hold parts and component products in place
Generators - High quality, tough, and dependable pressure-sensitive insulation tapes
Harness & Cable Assembly - Cloth and film tapes for insulating the conductor prior to applying an outer insulation jacket
Motors - Pressure-sensitive insulation tapes that produce a superior finished product
Power Supplies & Instrumentation - A wide selection of adhesive backed electrical insulation tapes and tapes for gap filling, holding and isolation purposes
Relays, Solenoids & Magnetic Coils - Tapes for lead and lead pad hold down, terminal strip anchoring or insulating, and gap filling or margin taping
Solar & Alternative Power - IPG UL Component recognized tapes play an important role in the assembly process of solar panels

IPG Tapes Used in Electronics Manufacturing

Electronic / Electrical Tape
Flatback Tape
Double-Coated Tape
Bagging Equipment

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