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Geomembrane Solutions

Aquamaster® woven coated fabric liners are designed for easy installation and long life, featuring unique benefits that make it the most effective and economical choice.

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Geomembrane Solutions

Aquamaster ArmorLiner NovaLinerAquamaster® from IPG offers sound solutions for water resource management with a range of products for lining and directing flow in retention ponds, canals, catch basins, ditches, and other water holding areas.

Aquamaster is also used extensively in industrial applications such as conventional and  non-conventional oil & gas extraction, above ground tank liners, evaporative ponds and other applications where a high strength, durable barrier is needed.

Designed for Easy Installation and Long Life

Aquamaster woven coated fabric liners incorporate exclusive polyolefin coatings for maximum toughness and abrasion resistance. These liners are available in medium or heavy-weight fabrics with varying coating thicknesses and colors depending on your site requirements.

Aquamaster liners feature unique benefits that make it the most effective and economical choice:

  • Lighter weight for more cost effective transportation
  • Wide widths which mean fewer seams
  • Can be factory prefabricated for faster and easier installations than field seaming
  • Extra strong to provide added resistance to tears and punctures
  • Engineered coatings provide exceptional hydrostatic resistance and heat seaming weldability
  • Technologically designed for UV resistance
  • Custom colors available

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