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Marine & Composites

IPG's tapes and films designed specifically for the Marine and Composites industry offer features and versatility built around composite manufacturing requirements.

Solutions for Multiple Applications

IPG has a comprehensive offering of tapes and films for multiple composite applications that include marine, wind blades, recreational vehicle, transportation, cultured marble, and automotive needs. Our specialty composites products provide superior solutions from start to finish. Here are more specific applications for IPG tape and film products within the Marine & Composites Industry:

Anti-Slip - IPG has an offering of products built to adhere to very difficult surface chemistries, such as silicone-based or gel coats
Bonding / Mounting - Contributing to lightweight requirements, IPG offers bonding and mounting products designed to help reduce the weight of the finished product
General Applications - A broad mix of products come together to support a variety of different applications
In-Mold Masking / Bottom Painting - IPG maintains performance data for use with most commercially available mold release formulations
Multi-Purpose Masking - A wide variety of multi-purpose masking tapes used for temporary holding, labeling or non-UV exposure that warrant a lower performance masking tape to complete the job
Surface Protection - IPG’s reinforced water-resistant construction paper, together with specialty tapes designed with cushioning in mind, contribute to this critical function
UV / Outdoor Masking - Products that provide UV exposure protection ranging from 7 days to 30 days offering you a wide variety of choices to fit your application needs

Quality Design, Performance & Future

Our products are developed to improve the entire manufacturing process. Clever design, innovative thinking and attention to detail combine to provide world-class performance. IPG is continually developing novel products to improve efficiency. We provide unsurpassed tape technology which allows us to respond to the ever changing needs of the marine and composites industry where new product development is critical.

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