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Electrical Tape / Electronic Assembly Tape

Intertape UL CSAIntertape® brand Electrical and Electronic Tapes are available with a wide range of backings and adhesive systems to meet the demanding application requirements of industry today. These specialty products are manufactured under the strictest standards to deliver the highest level of performance reliability. Many IPG electrical insulation tapes are UL listed (File #E20780) and CSA Certified (File #LR94980). With the most comprehensive product line in the industry, IPG has the ideal solution to your most demanding situations.

Acetate Cloth Tape

When you want the convenience of a hand-tearable tape with outstanding product features, IPG’s Acetate Cloth Tapes are a smart choice. The acetate cloth backing and a thermosetting rubber adhesive system provide high adhesion with conformability, printability, and excellent insulating properties.

Glass Cloth Tape

When the situation calls for high heat resistance and tensile strength, Glass Cloth Tapes are ideal for many electrical insulation requirements. They offer outstanding flexibility and conformability. These tapes are unique in that they produce little edge fray and little to no dust. Choose from IPG Glass Cloth Tapes with thermosetting rubber, acrylic, or silicone adhesives.

Glass Filament Tape

The combination of polyester film with glass filament reinforcement delivers high tensile strength, making these tapes excellent for heavy-duty banding and insulation applications. The properties of our Glass Filament Polyester Film Tapes include superior resistance to chemicals, heat, solvents and aging. All products average 5% elongation.

Polyester Film Tape

IPG’s Polyester Film Tapes provide excellent conformability and high dielectric strength per mil of thickness. These Tapes provide an economical solution to many holding and insulation applications.

Polyester Laminate Tape

To meet a wide range of electrical needs, IPG offers two types of Polyester Laminate Tape. Paper/Polyester Laminates provide excellent bulk and stiffness in an easy-to-tear product. Polyester/Non-Woven Laminates are puncture resistant, and highly conformable. They’re available with acrylic adhesives for performance in higher temperature environments.

Polyimide Film Tape

For outstanding thermal resistance and excellent dielectric strength, choose IPG® tapes with polyimide backing. They’re tough, puncture resistant and flame retardant – ideal for high temperature insulation and processing environments.

Specialty Electric Tape

High voltage insulation applications put extra demands on tape. IPG offers a line of Specialty Electrical Tapes with unique characteristics suited to these situations, including zone coating that allows for complete varnish impregnation.

Specialty Non-UL Tape

Each product is specifically designed for a variety of high temperature applications. Unique applications include splicing rough surface materials and masking off sensitive areas to protect during plasma/thermal spray operations.

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