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How to Increase Packaging Efficiencies with Sustainable Void Fill Systems!

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The packaging industry has experienced an increase in automation, with many new and innovative products arriving to make the packaging process easier. In terms of packing systems, a fast pace is key. For getting products packed and shipped efficiently and safely, paper packaging is the perfect eco-friendly solution. IPG’s PaperSpace™ X-Fill™ and X-Fill™ Pro Systems are the best tools for paper void fill and product protection. These systems allow you to promote a sustainable packaging message with 100% curbside recyclable paper void fill that is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold. You can choose between PaperSpace X-Fill and X-Fill Pro, the Pro being designed for high-volume void fill applications. Both offer many benefits, including ease of use, versatility, and sustainability.

PaperSpace X-Fill

PaperSpace X-Fill™ Systems

If you implement PaperSpace X-Fill Systems at your packing stations, you can be sure they are user-friendly and safe. First, they have an easy-to-use footswitch and an auto-cut feature that provides hands-free operation. You will save time with anti-jamming technology and easy loading, which improves pack station uptime. With the X-Fill Pro, the anti-jamming technology combined with easy-to-load paper bundles virtually eliminate downtime.

PaperSpace X-Fill Systems are able to keep up with high demands. The standard model boasts the rapid throughput speed of 335 ft/min, while the X-Fill Pro has the blazing variable speed output of 415 ft/min. You will have the ability to enhance productivity and have a higher yield with the additional benefit of 3D shaped paper. This paper allows for increased void fill efficiency. For the Pro, the high speed and 30” wide bundles allows for fulfillment of the most demanding void fill requirements.

You have heard that time is money – So, the time you save with PaperSpace X-Fill Systems also leads to money saved. You will save by using less energy and resources as well. This is possible with increased void fill efficiency and the length selection mode. The length selection mode is designed to control paper usage, minimizing waste and saving money and resources. The Pro offers even more options should you need them, with four programming modes, including auto-repeat mode. Wasted time and resources are very frustrating, but X-Fill can eliminate those frustrations.

Versatile Filling Systems

PaperSpace X-Fill Systems are also versatile. The standard X-Fill is available in a floor and table-top model. Subsequently, both models adjust to a range of customized heights and angles. This allows for adaptation to any warehouse design, even those that present space difficulties. The X-Fill Pro, with its four programming modes, further showcases the incredible versatility of the X-Fill Systems.

PaperSpace X-Fill Systems are user-friendly, economical, versatile, and, importantly, sustainable. Again, they reduce waste through the length selection mode that controls paper usage. The 3D paper is both highly protective and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold. X-Fill lets you increase output without increasing negative environmental impacts.

PaperSpace X-Fill Systems are one of the wisest investments in packaging automation you can make. Incorporating this solution into your packing stations helps pack shipments with efficiency and ease, allowing for an optimal packaging and fulfillment environment.