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Why is Sustainable Packaging Urgently Needed?

Blog - Why is Sustainability needed

While plastic has its benefits, single-use plastic packaging products have resulted in severe environmental consequences. Most of this packaging waste usually ends up in landfills and even our oceans.

As a result, customers, corporate standards, and the government are demanding that companies apply sustainable packaging practices. This means creating eco-friendly packaging is no longer an optional trend but a vital necessity.

With an urgent global demand for green solutions, you may be wondering why you need sustainable packaging. Here are reasons why this form of packaging should be a priority for your company.

Increase Your Storage Space

Sustainable packaging provides your brand with the accessibility of more storage space. This includes the transport space that lets you ship more goods and reduce freight costs.

It also helps you cut down on the number of transport rounds, saving you costs over time. The additional space presents you with many opportunities such as expanding your product line.

Additionally, sustainable packaging also creates extra shelf space. It can help you improve flexibility in how you place or showcase your products in a store.

Attract New Clients

Today, most customers are eco-conscious. They’re concerned about their impact on the environment. This directly influences the brands that they are loyal to.

For instance, eco-friendly clients will often check the carbon footprint of any product they buy. If your packaging has a higher carbon footprint, they may not buy your products.

Switching to sustainable packaging can help you entice new customers as it helps fulfill your corporate responsibility. It also makes a clear statement of how you market your products. This allows you to stand out from your competition.

Increase Sales

Looking for a way to push your company’s sales forward?

Sustainable packaging offers a chance for you to boost your sales and grow your business. Since the demand for sustainability is on the rise, many customers may start buying from you if you offer this type of packaging.

It shows your willingness to reduce the damage that plastic waste does to the environment. Customers will appreciate the effort by making purchases. As a result, you will boost sales as more people support you.

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Boost Your Brand Image

While creating high-quality products and offering the best services are important, they may not be the main reason customers stick with your company. Having a good brand image is important.

Sustainable packaging gives a good impression of your brand. It shows that you care about your environment and corporate responsibility.

When customers can trust your company with protecting the environment, they can stick around and become loyal. What’s more, they can recommend you to family and friends.

Enjoy Versatility

Sustainable packaging is versatile. You can easily reuse or recycle it. Compared to traditional packaging, there is no limitation to the number of times manufacturers can use them.

With environmentally friendly packaging, you can use them for further packaging, storage, or even creativity. This will help reduce the need for new materials, lowering your carbon footprint.

You can also get creative packaging designs—no matter your industry. Whether you’re looking for packaging for cosmetics, foodstuffs, clothing, and more, there will be a sustainable packaging type that will meet your specific needs.

Sustainable Packaging Strategies


Now you know why you need sustainable packaging. The next step is implementing strategies to make your company more eco-friendly with its packaging. They include:

  • Use less packaging
  • Ship your items in smaller packages
  • Recycle your packaging materials
  • Share disposal and recycling best practices with your clients
  • Avoid over-packaging throughout the supply chain
  • Avoid mixed packaging materials
  • Use manufacturing partners with sustainable practices

Get the Most Out of Your Sustainable Packaging

From this aforementioned article, it is clear that sustainable product packaging will not only save the environment but also be good for the growth of your company.

At IPG, we have resourceful products that make it easy to choose sustainable packaging for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more.