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5 Ways Automation Can Improve Packaging Efficiency

The average size of a distribution warehouse has increased by around 300% over the past two decades. With such rapid expansion, human-run packaging processes often cannot keep up with the other options out there. As such, have you considered... Read More

4 Ways to Choose the Right Carton Sealing Tape

BLOG - Choosing-Carton-Sealing-Tape
Around 10% of all online orders arrive with damaged packaging or damaged contents. In a world trending toward being more online, making sure everything people buy arrives safely is a very important assurance to give. Are you checking to make sure... Read More

70 Years of American® Tape

American Tape Blog Header
History of American Tape Company In 1953, American Tape company was founded by Chris Kurzweil, Sr. located in Port Huron, MI. He had the vision of serving the pressure-sensitive tape market. The young company initially provided masking... Read More