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Our Edge, Your Advantage


Over the past two decades, ECP has adeptly merged innovative focus with cutting-edge R&D labs, producing bespoke solutions for diverse end-use markets.

  1. ECP has continuously re-invested in state-of-the-art equipment in all our facilities to support cost efficiency and market needs.
  2. Our weaving operations cover both circular and flat weaving to accommodate our customer’s ranging requirements.
  3. Our co-extrusion, tandem and wide width coating and laminating capabilities with quality monitoring have been built into the processes for superior results.


Beyond custom fabrics, we provide personalized coating services for your chosen fabric. Tailoring to your specifications, we can incorporate multiple coatings layers, enhancing textile performance, durability, adhesion, weldability, and resistance to flame, water, or abrasion.

  1. Our finishing capabilities include:
    1. Narrow and wide width flexo-printing up to 4 colors
    2. High speed, automated narrow rewinding/slitting
    3. Wide width rewind, c-folding and v-folding as well as custom inline printing
  2. Our state-of-the art pilot line equipment supports product development and scale-up


Our Research and Development unit, led by a team of material scientists and experts, excels in industry-leading analytical capabilities and utilizes prototype lines to streamline development, saving time and ensuring superior solutions.

  1. Industry experts in our process technology (textile and coating)
  2. Full service North American technical support for design and development
  3. Industry-experts in Sales and Product management available to support your growth


Our manufacturing plants have been strategically located across the globe for taking advantage of best-in class facilities and offer cost-efficient quality materials.

  1. USA
    1. Springfield, Ohio
    1. Truro, Nova Scotia
  3. INDIA
    1. Karoli, Rajasthan
    2. Chopanki, Rajasthan