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  • Aquamaster® Geo-Membrane Textiles

    Proven PVC- free solutions for water resource management

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Geo-Membrane Solutions

AquaMaster® from ECP are proven PVC- free solutions for water resource management and a wide range of civic and industrial applications – from agricultural irrigation and water conservation to oil and gas containment and mining. Our geoliners & covers feature unique benefits that make it the most effective and economical choice.

Designed for Easy Installation and Long Life

Our geomembrane liners are made with exclusive polyolefin coatings for maximum toughness and abrasion resistance. We offer two product families: NovaLiner™ for standard applications with warranties up to 10 years and our ArmorLiner™ for more demanding applications, with warranties up to 20 years.


Designed for Containment

Whether your jobsite is in the arid regions of the American South West or the Canadian Arctic, IPG® has the right product for your needs. The exclusive AquaMaster® product line is the perfect choice for a wide range of containment applications. Our product line is certified drinking water safe to NSF-61, the most respected independent water testing organization in America.


Aquamaster Advantage

  1. Lighter weight for more cost effective transportation.
  2. Wider widths which mean fewer field seams.
  3. Can be factory prefabricated for faster and easier installations
  4. Added strength for puncture and tear resistance
  5. Engineered coatings provide exceptional hydrostatic resistance and heat seaming weldability
  6. Technologically designed for UV resistance
  7. Custom colors available