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Structure Fabric Solutions

For over 25 years, ECP’s NovaShield® has been the PVC-free structure membrane of choice for a variety of applications from recreational and commercial to municipal and agricultural. Designed with purpose in mind, NovaShield offers you brute strength in a membrane exterior while affording you a light, airy appearance inside the structure. Backed by industry leading warranties, the NovaShield family of membrane structure products provides peace of mind for years to come.

Designed for Longevity

◉ Woven from High Density Polyethylene Slit Tapes ◉ Coated on both sides with Low Density Polyethylene ◉ A Unique Double-stacked Scrim Weave offers unmatched Strength and Durability ◉ Propriety ArmorKote Technology makes NovaShield highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV ◉ Upto 20 years of fabric warranty with excellent coating adhesion and seam strength.


Designed for Sustainability

In August 2020, NovaShield Structure Membrane products achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze*, making it the world's first Sustainable Structure Fabric Solution. Additionally, the exceptional translucency of all NovaShield products provides you with a light, bright interior that allows you to save on energy bills with less artifical lighting requirement during the day.


*See our list of C2C certified products and more on NovaShield’s sustainability here :

Proven Alternative To PVC

NovaShield has fully committed to creating products that are PVC free due to the following reasons:

  1. NovaShield products do not promote mold/fungal growth.
  2. NovaShield does not require a top coating.
  3. NovaShield does not requires a solvent to clean the fabric, only soap and water.
  4. Greater light transmission than other products, creating a brighter interior with the need for less lighting during daylight hours.
  5. NovaShield has greater cold crack resistance than many other products.
  6. NovaShield costs less per square foot versus many equal performing or competing products.
  7. The cost of a NovaShield cover can be less compared to other products due to less seams required and faster conversion rates that ultimately lower the cost of manufacturing the building cover.