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At IPG, our corporate commitment has and continues to be focused on stewardship of our environment, providing a safe working environment for IPG employees, and manufacturing quality products in a responsible manner.

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IPG Packaging Products: Pick Up the Pace.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching quickly. Be ready for the fast paced holiday shopping season with inside and outside the box packaging solutions from IPG. Learn More

PaperSpace Void Fill & Cushioning Systems - Protective Packaging

Why choose paper for your company’s void fill and product protection? Because it’s versatile, cost-effective, easy-to-use and eco-friendly. Polyair PaperSpace Paper Systems, powered by Nuevopak, feature patented technology driving unmatched performance. Rapid throughput speeds, anti-jamming technology, and easy loading improves pack station uptime. Learn More

How Does HexcelWrap Work?

As an innovative and 100% sustainable solution in protective packaging, HexcelWrap is a paper cushioning material for wrapping glassware, ceramics, cosmetics, electronics and anything fragile. The HexcelWrap Mini Packing Station has a small footprint and increases overall operational and pack efficiency without the need for automation. Get more info about HexelWrap and other protective packaging solutions. Learn More


At IPG, we understand the needs of today’s dynamic and changing fulfillment environment. Whether you’re an internet retailer, a mail order/catalog provider, a 3PL or managing your own fulfillment operation, we have the products you need to keep your supply chain humming.

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