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Harness & Cable Assembly

IPG pressure-sensitive tapes offer a wide variety of cloth and film tapes for insulating the conductor prior to applying an outer insulation jacket for wire and cable manufacturers.  For magnet wire manufacturers, we can supply a selection of UL Component recognized pressure-sensitive tapes for splices, tears, and terminations.  Additionally, we offer a full line of industrial tapes for identification, flagging, bundling, and holding.  Many of these products are UL510 recognized.  For specialty wire manufacturers, IPG's full range of electrical insulation tapes provide a strong choice of products for wire insulation and wrapping.

Harness and cable assembly manufacturers can also choose from a wide variety of cloth tape (glass and acetate) in several color choices.  Custom colors may be available based on usage quantities.  Polyester and polyimide film tapes utilizing natural rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive systems are also available.