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Power Supplies & Instrumentation

IPG offers a wide selection of adhesive backed electrical insulation tapes for building power supplies.  IPG tapes can be used for lead and lead pad hold down using a wide variety of backings and adhesive types.  Terminal strip anchoring or insulating can be readily accomplished through the proper selection of an adhesive backed tape.  Gap filling or margin taping may be a part of your design.  If it is, we have a product to fill the void.  Select tapes may be printed using several varieties of printing and processing techniques.  Splices and connections may be insulated utilizing pressure-sensitive tape.  Inter-layer insulation may be held in place or may be entirely comprised of an IPG tape.  The final outer coil wrap or end cap insulation may be designed and applied using any one of several our tapes. 

Instrumentation enclosures and assembly processes require a variety of UL recognized pressure-sensitive tapes.  Cloth and film tapes may be useful for bundling, holding, and electrical isolation purposes.  They can be slit or die cut into an infinite variety of widths and shapes and sizes.  Paper and film tapes may be used for painting or coating masking applications.  Double-coated or transfer adhesive tapes may be used to hold things in place including nameplates, enclosure pieces, gasketing or foam rubber, bezel plates, etc...       

IPG has your pressure-sensitive tape needs covered from the inside out.