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Solar & Alternative Power

IPG UL Component recognized tapes play an important role in the assembly process of solar panels, while acting as a reliable electrical insulator between panel layers.  Low out-gassing acrylic adhesives are critical in the construction of single-coated, double-coated, and adhesive transfer pressure-sensitive tapes.  Bonding to metals, glass, or most plastics can be achieved utilizing these adhesive backed tapes.

Wind power generation is created by wind passing over and moving the rotating blades which are attached to the nacelle (housing) which contains the generator.  Generated power is fed out through cables to a power conditioning transformer, and fed into the power grid.  IPG offers electrical insulating tapes for building generators, transformers, and in some cases - wire and cable.  Additionally, IPG has a wide choice of industrial grade tapes designed for assisting in blade and nacelle production.