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100% Curbside Recyclable

Looking for an eco-friendly solution for your cold chain shipping needs? IPG’s pre-consumer paper insulated packaging can be recycled in curbside recycle bins while our cotton insulated shippers can be recycled at all Goodwill locations. See more information below.
100% Curbside Recyclable

Insulated Packaging

Chill-R logoChill-R Insulated Packaging is IPG's cold chain shipping solution for meal kit shipping, mail order pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, pet supplies and more. If you are looking for insulated packaging solutions for cold chain (temperature-controlled supply chain) that are eco-friendly and cost effective with exceptional R-value, Chill-R is the right solution for you!

Recyclable in Collaboration with Goodwill®The "R" stands for:

  • R-Value – The fiber insulation provides a proven R-value to keep temperature-controlled products safe during transit
  • Recycled – The insulation is constructed from recycled fibers which reduces landfill waste
  • Recyclable – The pre-consumer paper insulation products can be recycled in your curbside recycle bin, while the pre-consumer cotton insulation products can be recycled at your local Goodwill. Find your closest Goodwill® location at

Paper Insulated Packaging

Paper Insulation - Cold Chain SolutionsIPG’s Chill-R curbside recyclable and repulpable paper insulated packaging products are specially designed to provide a temperature-controlled environment for online perishable deliveries and sensitive medical products. The patented 1-piece consists of pre-consumer paper insulation adhered between kraft paper and corrugate. The 2-piece is made from pre-consumer paper sealed in a food grade certified kraft paper exterior (Certifications: 21 CFR 176.170, 21 CFR 176.180, 21 CFR 176.260).

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