Duct Tape "Rock the Boat" Regatta
IPG Sarasota HQ had the privilege of hosting the Inaugural "Rock the Boat" Regatta on Friday, July 28 with the Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota County. IPG employees helped students construct boats using cardboard and IPG colored duct tape. The winning boat from the students then competed against the winner of the CEO boat race (Team Greg from IPG vs Team Bill from BGCSC)!

Layered Protection.
Safely Delivered.
You put a lot of effort into making sure your products are protected at the primary packaging level. Security solutions from IPG allow you to give the same attention to the most vulnerable outer layer and tertiary packaging.

Drop It Like It's Hot
Use promo code DROP15 through December 31st to receive 15% off your order of Central 360 Drop Test Tape – The toughest water-activated tape on the market!

Invoice Gateway and More B2B Enhancements
IPG is pleased to offer enhanced features and improved benefits for B2B customers including Invoice Gateway, plus enhancements to recent order history, shipment tracking, pricing downloads, product details, shopping cart, and more.

Gear Up for Growth!

Forrester Data projects that e-commerce will account for 17.0% of retail sales by 2022, up from a projected 12.9% in 2017.

Upcoming Trade Shows
CAMX - Sept. 11-14 - IPG Booth M72
Parcel Forum - Sept. 18-20 - IPG Booth 528
IBEX - Sept. 19-21 - IPG Booth 1050
IFAI Expo - Sept. 26-29 - IPG Booth 2321