Keeping You Together.
When it comes to finding the perfect solution for just about any bonding application (including candy box manufacturing!) between a variety of substrates and surfaces, count on industrial double-sided tape from IPG® and Cactus®.

Prevent Shipping Damage by Packing in Corrugated Cartons
The e-commerce supply chain, for all its sophistication, is a violent place if you are a carton that must get from point A to point B. You are handled by many people who may throw you around without much thought to your importance as a customer’s first impression. This carton on your customer’s doorstep is his or her first interaction with your company – so make it a good one. Ship your merchandise in a sturdy and well-packaged container – a corrugated one.

American® Tape Celebrates 65 Years!
Founded in 1953 by Chris Kurzweil, Sr. in Port Huron, Michigan, American Tape grew moderately in its first ten years while providing a paper masking tape line to the automotive manufacturing firms in the Midwest. After moving to Marysville, Michigan in 1963, American Tape expanded...

Industry Spotlight:
IPG® offers performance masking, surface protection and complementary products for the Transportation Industry. No matter what you manufacture – Bus, Truck, RV, Specialty Vehicle, Automotive OEM, engines and power train components, electrical and electronic parts or body panels – IPG has the right solution for you.