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Introducing 506 Masking
IPG®’s new 506 utility paper masking tape is perfect for non-critical tasks such as light duty holding, bundling, wrapping, sealing and marking. A must-have for any toolbox, garage, workbench or job site.

Performance Matters.
Industrial Tapes from IPG offer the best performance, quality and value for light duty to high performance applications. Intertape® brand Performance Products are engineered for specific end-use applications, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards from the finest raw material components available.

Industry Spotlight:
IPG offers sound solutions for water resource management with a range of geosynthetic / geomembrane products for lining and directing flow in retention ponds, canals, catch basins, ditches, and other water holding areas.

IPG Blog: 7 Ways to Protect Your Packages from Bad Weather
In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical that the products you ship to customers arrive in excellent condition. Fail to meet a person’s expectations, and not only will they be disappointed and expect a replacement, they are likely to share criticism on social media and then find another provider.

North America’s leading technical boat-building showcase, IBEX delivers a unique forum where the marine industry can do business, share ideas, and accelerate new product development. Stop and see IPG’s tapes and films designed specifically for the Marine and Composites industry at Booth 1050.