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IPG Truro, Nova Scotia Celebrates 50 Years
On Wednesday, June 5th, the Truro facility celebrated its 50th anniversary of operations with a lovely BBQ lunch, a live band, and speeches from several guests, including retired operations manager Richard Gerrior, IPG’s President and CEO, Greg Yull, and the mayor of Truro, Bill Mills. We were joined by many retirees, our current employees, our executive team from Sarasota, local politicians, vendors and clients. Even though mother nature decided to “rain on our parade”, that didn’t damper our festivities in the least!

Play it Safe.
June is National Safety Month. Be sure your customers have the tools they need to ensure safety on job sites and at the workplace. From barricade ribbon and marking flags to gaffers and aisle marking tape, IPG provides the products to help ensure a safe working environment, both on and off the job site.

PE Class: Get to Know IPG's New Polyethylene Tapes
IPG has added two new tapes to the line-up of highly durable polyethylene (PE) tapes. PE34 is a UV-resistant stucco tape used for masking against overspray when applying stucco and EIFS, protecting surfaces, seaming and sealing polysheeting and much more. PE35 has a moisture-resistant polyethylene film backing and is designed to offer a high degree of conformability without excessive stretch.

How Does HexcelWrap Work?
As an innovative and 100% sustainable solution in protective packaging, HexcelWrap is a paper cushioning material for wrapping glassware, ceramics, cosmetics, electronics and anything fragile. The HexcelWrap Mini Packing Station has a small footprint and increases overall operational and pack efficiency without the need for automation. Learn more about HexelWrap and other protective packaging solutions.

Mongolian Yurts and the Innovative Use of House Wrap
A yurt is a type of circular lattice-walled tent. It can be a permanent or temporary structure for living, working, and playing. Yurts have been the primary dwelling for people of Central Asia, especially Mongolian nomads, for thousands of years. One company uses IPG's Aspire house wrap in the construction of these dwellings, as it helps the yurts naturally breathe.