IPG Discover News

A Lasting Bond.
IPG's SGAFT Very High Bond Acrylic pressure-sensitive tape is designed to provide a superior bond between a wide variety of substrates. This structural grade tape possesses uniform, high-tack, acrylic adhesive on both surfaces and will bond to most clean, dry, oil-free substrates. The tape is formulated to withstand a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions without losing adhesion.

IPG Featured in Canada's Innovation Video
IPG's collaboration with Stanfield's and other Canadian companies to produce medical gowns was the topic of this short video by Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada. IPG's NovaWrap house wrap material was used to produce gowns for Canada's frontline workers. Take a look!

Introducing the ET Xtreme Tape Head
IPG has formulated a complete system solution comprised of the Corru-Grip family of pressure-sensitive tapes with the new Interpack ET Xtreme tape head family. The system provides the maximum adhesion and security to the recycled corrugated case.

Upcoming Trade Show
IPG will have a digital booth at the AIPIA Smart Packaging Virtual Congress, September 10. This virtual trade show will highlight smart packaging technologies such as data mining, extended shelf life, consumer engagement, brand authentication, security, less waste and improved logistics & recycling through the implementation of new concepts in packaging.

Danville RDC Awarded the ENERGY STAR
The IPG Danville Regional Distribution Center (RDC) was recently awarded the ENERGY STAR by the U.S. EPA for superior energy efficiency. This recognition is awarded to buildings that are more energy efficient than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide. On average, ENERGY STAR certified buildings like the RDC generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than typical buildings. This is IPG's first facility to achieve the ENERGY STAR. Congratulations to the RDC for superior energy efficiency!

IPG Logistics Fights Climate Change
The IPG logistics team uses network design modeling that not only services our customers but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change. Modeling technology allows IPG to use a hub system to combine shipments going to a similar geographical area. By using all of the space in a truck, IPG can reduce the miles driven and carbon emissions compared to a traditional direct shipment model. The logistics team has saved almost two million tons of carbon emissions during Q2 of this year – equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 428,000 passenger vehicles driven for one year! Congratulations to the IPG logistics team for implementing a more sustainable business model.