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IPG Publishes 2019 Annual Sustainability Report
Titled “We Package, We Protect & We Sustain,” the report provides an overview of the Company’s sustainability progress in 2019 and highlights IPG's sustainability opportunities in the years ahead.

Back to the Classroom Solutions
As we navigate through getting students back in the classroom, school districts and universities are finding that they need to establish new student traffic patterns and spacing accommodations that account for safe social distancing. IPG is ready to help schools and universities create and maintain a safe and productive learning environment with a full array of domestically available tapes and other products to keep up with these changing dynamics.

179Plus Filament Tape "Back to Business" Promo
Getting back to business following a pandemic is hard but Cantech is here to make it a little easier with 5% off our 179Plus Filament Tape for the rest of 2020!

Distributors, It's Time to Hit Refresh!
Out with the old. It's time to say goodbye to outdated logos and photos! Take a moment to get your website and catalogs up-to-date. Click below to access the latest IPG logos, product photos, technical data sheets, and literature for the products you sell.

Filament Tapes for Space Force "Mission Critical" Applications
Most people look to filament tape for bundling pipes, extrusions, holding items on a pallet, or securing appliance components. It’s removed and discarded. But, consider an application that is “mission critical” -- an application where if it doesn’t work properly, hundreds of millions of dollars go up in smoke in a matter of seconds! (Image credit: Northrop Grumman)

IPG Danville Energy Treasure Hunt
IPG's Danville, Virginia Manufacturing Facility recently conducted an Energy Treasure Hunt to find low- or no-cost energy savings in the plant. Fourteen participants made up of plant and corporate employees identified 23 savings opportunities that equated to 25,200,000 kBTUs in energy! This represents a potential savings of 1,344 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to over 1.4 million pounds of coal burned. Congratulations to the Danville team on their successful treasure hunt! Click below to learn about this initiative.

IPG Danville Partners with God’s Pit Crew to Provide Disaster Relief
In collaboration with God’s Pit Crew, the IPG Danville Regional Distribution Center (RDC) transported flood relief supplies to Midland, Michigan that included water, cleaning supplies, and food. Midland and the neighboring town of Sanford, Michigan suffered severe flood damage when a dam ruptured after heavy rains. The devastated areas were in desperate need of supplies and the RDC was there to help. In addition, the RDC delivered COVID relief supplies to various locations including various Better Packaging facilities along the US East Coast. Thank you to the RDC for supporting our communities in their time of need.