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Containment Solutions You Can Rely On
IPG's containment solutions are designed to meet needs and provide help in times of crisis. Our containment tapes include: duct tape for sealing HAZMAT, PPE (personal protective equipment), and bags of contaminated waste; double-coated tape and polyethylene tape for quick and easy holding of poly sheeting and poly drapes; and blue masking tape for floor marking and other clean removal applications.

IPG Rolls Out COVID-19 Response Playbook
Manufacturing Leadership Council | Jun 12, 2020

In the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 12th town hall since COVID-19 began, two leaders from leading tape manufacturer, IPG, shared details of their company’s response plan. Council members tuned in to hear Jai Sundararaman and JK Perumal, both of IPG’s Business Transformation Office, outline their approach to protect employees, assets and customers as regions begin reopening and recovery from the pandemic continues. Here are the highlights from their presentation.

NEW! Social Distancing Tape
Establish safe distancing in offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other public places with IPG's Social Distancing Tape. Durable to withstand foot traffic. For indoor and outdoor use.

IPG Supports UF's "Waste to Syngas" Initiative
IPG is proud to be an initial donor of the University of Florida’s “Waste to Syngas” initiative. University of Florida’s “Waste to Syngas” initiative will be focused on research and development to best convert carbon rich waste into syngas. The leading technological contender is a process known as Plasma Assisted Gasification and Vitrification.

Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund
A donation of $10,000 has been made on behalf of IPG to Canadian Red Cross's “Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund” which was set up to support the families and communities directly affected by the mass shooting that took place in Colchester County (where our IPG Truro plant is located) on April 18th & 19th. Twenty-two lives were taken, but will not be forgotten. Our hearts go out to the families and community members affected by this tragedy.

Aisle Marking Tape Promo
Promotion Guidelines:
• 2 Case Minimum Order
• Eligible sales includes qualifying product sales
• Promo code must be noted on each purchase order

IPG Tremonton Energy Treasure Hunt
IPG's Tremonton, Utah Manufacturing Facility recently conducted an Energy Treasure Hunt to find low- or no-cost energy savings in the plant. Fourteen participants made up of plant and corporate employees and engineers from the local electric utility identified 23 savings opportunities that equated to 33,000,000 kBTUs in energy! This represents a potential savings of 2,323 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to 268 U.S. homes' energy use for one year. Congratulations to the Tremonton team on their successful treasure hunt!