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Feel Protected.
Over the past few years, our protective packaging line has expanded, providing customers of various volume and productivity needs with efficient and effective products for void fill, cushioning, padding, blocking, bracing, and mailing.

IPG Midland Facility Achieves ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry
Congratulations to our Midland, North Carolina plant for achieving the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry with a 17.5% reduction in energy intensity in one year!

IPG Shrink Film Contains Certified Pre-Consumer Shrink Film Repro
In October 2021 SCS Global Services certified IPG’s Shrink Film Repro as Pre-Consumer recycled resin. Certified Pre-Consumer recycled content is now part of ExlfilmPlus GPL, ExlfilmPlus GPS, and ExlfilmPlus SHIELD film formulations produced in our Tremonton Utah plant. Distributors and end users seeking a premium polyolefin shrink film containing certified pre-consumer shrink film repro will find their solution in ExlfilmPlus shrink films. This approval distinguishes IPG as the industry leader in the quest for meaningful sustainable solutions.

Did You Know? Duct Leakage
Leaky duct work can account for up to 30% of heating and cooling costs. By sealing critical areas, IPG HVAC tapes help minimize air loss, saving time and money.

IPG Tremonton Receives 2021 IW Best Plants Award
Congratulations to our Tremonton, Utah plant, who received the 2021 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award at the Manufacturing and Technology Show in Cleveland this month. IPG Tremonton's digital transformation, leadership and simple improvements were the catalysts for this, their second IW Best Plants Win.

Avoid High Fees Associated with Processing Checks
Part of IPG's B2B Customer Center, Invoice Gateway's benefits include: 24/7 availability, safe and secure payment method, allows flexible payment dates, online access to statements and payment history, and more.