AMS Mailer and Production Image

AMS™ – Auto Mailer SystemInline Paper Mailer Solution

Higher productivity levels relating to mailer processes have driven the need for further automation with a sustainable approach. IPG’s AMSTM (Auto Mailer System) is a revolutionary design that automatically creates a paper mailable package around each order. The system uses right-size technology to adjust the package size to the product need. Our solution reduces labor, consumption and waste while retaining a high level of product protection and customer satisfaction. AMS eliminates the need to stock a variety of envelopes and finished mailers. It’s patent pending technology, offers a productivity increase with DIM weight savings potential. Options to weigh, scan the order, barcode and/or apply the shipping label create a cutting edge solution to your mailed product needs!
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  • Patent pending horizontal mailer technology improves packaging ergonomics for product line integration
  • Proprietary cross sealing technology with continuous motion increases throughout
  • Random for variable product and mailer sizes or in batched product runs
  • Average rate of 30 mailers per minute (1,800 per hour)
  • Maximum Mechanical Rate of 4,800 packages per hour
  • High speed capabilities of 80 mailers per minute
  • Product height capabilities up to 4”
  • Includes 6-ſt motorized, belted infeed conveyor to center & space product appropriately
  • Proprietary heat-sealing technology built into the paper eliminates the need and complexity of additional adhesive
  • Capable of WMS Integration or manually controlled via HMI
  • Modules for manifest, sortation, unique barcode tracking are available to increase productivity and drive production costs down