783333# Black Premium PET Filament Tape

A polyester film backed tape laminated to uni-directional fiberglass filaments and coated with a natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. Adheres well to a variety of surfaces. Polyester film offers excellent scuff/abrasion and moisture resistance. 783’s tensile strength provides excellent performance for heavy duty, general-purpose applications. The black color imparts a degree of resistance to ultra-violet (UV) rays.
Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Principales caractéristiques

Heavy duty bundling, packaging/carton sealing, reinforcing and strapping. Ideal for unitizing/palletizing in the seafood, poultry, and meat packing industries.


Applications spécialisées


Appareil Commerce en Ligne Industrie Aérospatiale Industrie du CVC Marché des pièces automobiles Processus Général de Fabrication Secteur du Transport Transformation Alimentaire