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Perfect Packer – Automated Void Fill System

Automated Void Fill With A.I. Technology

With its user-friendly design, Perfect Packer is easy to operate and a perfect addition to your order fulfillment packing line. No more guesswork or wasted fill – Perfect Packer takes care of everything automatically.

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Principales caractéristiques

Perfect Packer dispenses the optimal amount of void fill for every case. 3D imaging sensors scan each case to determine the amount of empty space within. Pre-determined % of fill levels define how much material is now automatically dispensed. This ensures control over optimal fill levels. Minimizing waste and damages, while maximizing end of line throughput with the least amount of operator involvement.


Automatisation de scellage des cartons Capitonnage Remplissage de vide gonflable Remplissage de vide papier Rubans d'emballage


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