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UK Tax Strategy

This page relates to the strategy for all tax affairs relating to Iris Parent Holdco, L.P. (“IPG”) activity in the United Kingdom (“UK”), through its UK entity, Intertape Packaging UK Limited (“IP UK”). This is applicable to the most recent financial year and is published in accordance with Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. This tax strategy has been approved by IP UK’s Board of Directors.


IPG is committed to ensuring all applicable laws, rules, and regulations for UK tax affairs are followed. This includes paying the correct amount of tax, claiming accurate amounts of relief and disclosing all relevant facts and circumstances truthfully to authorities.

Risk & Tax Planning

IPG has a low tolerance approach towards compliance and related tax risks. In order to manage the complexity of tax compliance, IPG will ensure that the appropriate senior personnel are involved in all UK tax related decisions. This includes a local based UK finance team and a dedicated IPG tax accounting team along with the oversight of senior personnel including the Chief Financial Officer and the Board of Directors, all of which understand the importance of tax compliance.

IP UK undertakes limited tax planning, and as such where there is significant uncertainty or complexity, we will use external specialist advice to ensure that the correct compliant decisions are taken. IP UK has relationships with several professional advisors that allow us to access this expert advice when needed.

Relationship with Authorities

We aim to have a constructive and cooperative relationship with HM Revenue & Customs. We will ensure any inquiries or communication are dealt with in a timely and professional manner, and seek to prioritise resolving any issues or disputes, should any arise.

IPG’s Vision

IPG’s vision is to be the global leader in packaging and protective solutions. IPG achieves its vision by empowering our team of talented employees who proudly represent IPG’s values of passion, performance, integrity and teamwork. Together, we drive a strategy to strengthen our product bundle, expand our global footprint, embrace sustainability and drive operational excellence.