116 Single Liner Media Blast Stencil - Machine Cut

116Single Liner Media Blast Stencil - Machine Cut

Machine-cut, high quality, durable stencil coated with an advanced, high tack, water based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a clear polyester liner. Designed for slot-hole pattern Gerber® 15” and 30” plotters. The 15” widths will also track accurately in IBM® pattern and friction-fed cutters.
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Key Features

116 is designed and recommended for raw/unfinished hardwood, HDU foam-board, brick, and rough stone. Not intended for use on marble, granite, or polished surfaces. Water based acrylic adhesive may transfer to pre-treated / painted surfaces or cause soft woods to splinter upon removal. 30” widths will only track on large pin plotter. Replacement for #125 in Gerber® plotters.