Our vision for the aerospace market is to be a world leader in performance masking, surface protection and complementary products so that we uphold our customer commitment to deliver solutions that increase productivity, maintain product integrity, improve company image, and contain costs.

Innovative solutions are clearly the primary emphasis at IPG. Our R&D team continuously experiments with new chemistries and technologies to fulfill today’s requirements, anticipate tomorrow’s needs and comply with the ever more stringent health and safety regulations. Our specialists and application experts analyze your production processes and develop tailor-made solutions to fit your specific needs.

Regardless of the type of manufacturing or maintenance performed – fixed wing or rotary, commercial or military aircraft, component parts, space craft, missile or other aerospace systems – IPG has the right solution for you. You can “take off” knowing that our products will always offer high quality, cost effective advantages.




The following tapes are used in the stripping, painting and maintenance of Airbus aircraft. IPG supports material and process specifications...

Aerospace Storage Applications

Aircraft Storage

Storing a jet airplane is expensive. Having the engine parts corrode, the avionics damaged or the interior exposed to excessive...

Aerospace Boeing Appliacation Image


Boeing Certified Tapes meet the various material and process specifications by the Boeing engineering group. IPG supports global BMS, BAC,...

Aerospace Chemical Stripping Application

Chemical Stripping

Aerospace coatings have gotten stronger over the years making their removal more difficult. At IPG, we understand the risks and...

Aerospace Composite Bonding Application

Composite Bonding

Composite parts are being integrated more and more into every new aerospace design, and we know that the manufacturing processes...

Aerospace Electrical Application

Electrical / Electronic

Aerospace electronical / electronics are highly technical and specialized systems expected to provide unfailing service for decades. IPG’s Electrical and...

Aerospace General Packaging Application

General Packaging - Aerospace

At IPG, our packaging products are with you every step of the way. Let us help you showcase your brand...

Aerospace Masking Applications


Masking tape is one of the most widely used “hand tools” available. IPG’s performance masking tapes are some of the...

Aerospace Media Blast Application

Media Blast - Aerospace

Media blast tapes adhere to the surface, absorb all of the energy it’s exposed to without becoming brittle and remove...

Aerospace Military Application

Military / Government Certified

To ensure quality and performance, the DoD and various government agencies (Federal, State and Local) have specified materials for specific...

VCI Sensitive Parts Storage

Sensitive Parts Storage - Aerospace

Treated with 100% nitrite-free chemistry, our VCI2000® products will prevent corrosion on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals for many years...

Aerospace Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications

There are many applications for tapes used in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of aerospace parts. Often times a standard...