We offer Nomex® tapes for high dielectric, thin, and tough insulation patches, cross over pad, or lead hold down. Our full selection of polyimide film. Our highly engineered dust and fray free glass cloth tapes offer a high performance solution for lead insulation and coil wrapping or banding. Acetate cloth tapes provide a good alternative outer coil wrap for torroidal transformers. Alternatively, our polyester film tapes offer a low cost outer coil wrap solution for torroids and other lighter duty transformers.

Oil-filled transformers place stringent demands on the adhesives used in transformer tapes. IPG has the distinction of being the only known tape offered in the marketplace based on independent lab studies that passes all elements of the ASTM D3455 test procedures. Not only do we offer this in an acrylic based adhesive filament tape, it is also available in two polyester film tape versions for a very cost effective ‘third hand’ function where and when it’s needed. You can trust the leading adhesive technology that IPG brings to its customers to deliver outstanding performance and long life.

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