IPG HomeTight Limited Lifetime WarrantyIPG is uniquely positioned to provide a mix of products for all facets of the construction process. These offerings extend to a variety of construction categories including residential, industrial and institutional.

Focusing on the complete solution for building and construction, IPG products work from the top-down and the outside-in. Our roofing products offer a complete range of synthetic roofing underlayments that are light weight and provide a durable and fast solution for the extended dry-in requirements and for the long-term protection of the roof. These roofing materials come together with IPG’s woven and non-woven house wraps that combine with self-adhered flashing products to complete the outer skin of the structure.

Focusing on the inside of the structure, IPG offers a full range of HVAC, UL approved foil tapes. These are used on the mechanics of the structure to deliver HVAC solutions. Floor protection products offer durability and strength combining with moisture resistance for surface protection. A complete range of masking and stucco tapes come together to define the solutions in the beautification of the same structure.