PCRPerformance Shrink Film with PCR

ExlfilmPlus® PCR is the first clear polyolefin shrink film containing post-consumer recycled content. This multi-layered film is versatile enough to perform on all sealing systems and tunnels. Ideal for club store multipacks, food packaging, and all customers seeking a more circular, sustainable shrink packaging solution.
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Key Features

  • Wide Window of Operation – Performs across a complete range of applications and equipment. Ideal for older equipment.
  • Crosslinked Technology – Provides consistent sealing and shrinking at a broader range of temperatures.
  • Superior Sealing Performance – On all types of equipment and sealing technology. Yields cleaner, stronger seals eliminating blowouts. Save time and money on expensive rewraps.
  • High Shrink Force – Ensures greater package integrity for multi–pack applications.
  • FDA Compliant – For direct food contact.*
  • Printable – For enhanced marketing opportunities.


  • Contains 10% certified post-consumer recycled content
  • Contains 25% certified post-industrial recycled content
  • 7% - 9% less film used when compared to standard products
  • Qualified for the How2Recycle store drop-off label


Bundling / Unitizing Food Service Packaging Shrink Packaging


E-Commerce Food Processing General Manufacturing