4428Polyimide Film Electrical Tape

Polyimide backing and silicone adhesive offers outstanding thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties. This tape is used where toughness, puncture resistance, extreme resistance to heat, and flame retardance are required. Operating temperature range is -60°C (-76°F) to +260°C (500°F).
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Key Features

Used on gold fingers for protection in wave soldering. Used as ground barrier and phase insulation in high performance torroidal coils. Also used as an outer wrap on small bobbin wound coils and on form wound coils for traction motors.


Dry-Type & Oil-Filled Transformers Electrical / Electronic Electronics Assembly Generators Harness Cable Assembly Motors MRO Power Supplies & Instrumentation Relays, Solenoids & Magnetic Coils UL-Approved 180°C


Aerospace General Manufacturing Transportation