Aisle Marking Tape - Yellow
Aisle Marking Tape - White
Aisle Marking Tape - Red
Aisle Marking Tape - Orange
Aisle Marking Tape - Green
Aisle Marking Tape - Blue
Aisle Marking Tape - Black and Yellow Stripe
Aisle Marking Tape - Black and White Stripe
Aisle Marking Tape - Black

Aisle Marking TapeColored PVC Film Tape

Vinyl safety aisle marking tapes are designed specifically with high visibility or immediate visual impact in mind. Soft polyvinylchloride (PVC) base film provides for durability, puncture, tear and scratch resistance. Specially blended rubber adhesive makes these tapes adhere quickly to surfaces while conforming well even on irregular surfaces. Tapes adheres firmly while removing cleanly off most surfaces. Color throughout the film ensures consistent visibility during tape use.
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Key Features

Their bright solid colors and/or striped pattern are perfect where lane marking, hazard identification, and coding is required.


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