ALF201L-UL 2 Mil UL181A-P/B-FX Premium Aluminum Foil Tape Self-Wound

ALF201L-UL is engineered and designed to meet UL181A-P and UL181B-FX. (printed for easy identification / inspection). Uses include general purpose seaming, patching and sealing of rigid fiber air duct and connector closure systems to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. The aggressive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive provides long-lasting adhesion to clean/dry surfaces. Flame retardant, high shear adhesion, UV and mold resistant. Excellent reflective properties (i.e. heat, light). Superior bonding when exposed to either sub-zero or elevated temperatures. Release coated kraft liner.
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Key Features

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) duct wrap. For use in Industrial, Appliance, Marine and Aerospace industries. Can be used as protective mask during chemical stripping of metals / other surfaces.


Flexible Duct HVAC Duct Sealing Insulation MRO Refrigeration / Electrical Repair Rigid Duct Sheet Metal


Aerospace Appliance General Manufacturing HVAC Transportation