Claro Grow AFGAnti-fog Sulphur Resistant Greenhouse Fabric

Claro Grow is a lightweight fabric membrane that lets the light through and has excellent strength for longer life. All layers of Claro Grow are translucent, allowing light to penetrate every layer of the fabric, giving it one of the highest translucency percentage on the market. Claro Grow is woven from high-density polyethylene slit tapes and coated on both sides with low-density polyethylene.
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Key Features

Claro Grow AFG is a technologically advanced lightweight woven polyethylene fabric designed for the greenhouse market. With anti-fog properties built-in to the fabric to prevent the buildup of  condensation on the interior surface of greenhouse covers, the results are excellent light  transmission and improved growing conditions to optimize crop yields. INDUSTRIES: - Greenhouse Structures - Portable Garages