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Structure Fabric Solutions

NovaShield™ woven coated membrane structure fabric's unique design makes it the perfect solution for a variety of markets and applications.

Structure Fabric Solutions

IPG NovaShield BrandNovaShield™... Strong & Light! Whether you’re building a vast sports arena or a multi-purpose event tent, NovaShield™ is the proven choice for membrane structure fabrics. Designed to meet the industry’s highest standards, NovaShield™ membrane structure fabric is the proven material. Our patented weave produces impressive strength-to-weight ratios and its lighter weight makes for easier, faster, money-saving installations. NovaShield™ features excellent physical properties, wider widths and better color retention than comparable products.

Developed and manufactured by IPG, NovaShield membrane structure fabric is designed for a variety of industries and applications. Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs and will help you select the NovaShield fabric that will deliver the performance that you require.

The Benefits of NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabrics:

  • IPG Structure Fabric ColorsRecyclable
  • Range of colors
  • Wide widths
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Improved fungal resistance
  • Light weight for easier transportation an installation
  • Engineered coatings provide exceptional performance properties
  • Technologically designed to stand up to some of the most demanding weather conditions

Structure Fabric Applications:

  • Agricultural - Dairy and hog barns, poultry houses, hay and feed stock storage, equipment storage, workshops and more
  • Commercial & Light Industrial - Warehousing space, manufacturing facilities, sunlight and hail protection shelters, recycling and waste sorting centers and more
  • Municipal - Salt and sand storage structures, heavy equipment storage, warehousing, maintenance shops, municipal recycling centers, water treatment facilities
  • Oil & Gas - Major heavy equipment facilities, wash facilities, warm up tents, rapidly deployable workshops, cold storage facilities, fabricating facilities, aggregate storage and more
  • Recreational - Athletic arenas such as indoor soccer or tennis, fitness studios, canine training facilities, equestrian riding barns, indoor skating rinks and more

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