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Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is one of the largest tape and film manufacturers in North America and a recognized producer of woven coated fabrics. Our focus is on industry and we are dedicated to delivering world-class solutions driven by innovation, performance and reliability.


At IPG, our corporate commitment has and continues to be focused on stewardship of our environment, providing a safe working environment for IPG employees, and manufacturing quality products in a responsible manner.

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Topics: Seal With Safety • Versa Tape: Does it Really Stick Underwater? • IPG Manufacturing Plants Named Finalists • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer • View and Pay Invoices Online • Show Me the Monet
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Versa Tape - Does it Really Stick Underwater?

In this demo video, we test how Versa Tape applies to various surfaces underwater - iron pipe, aluminum gutter, galvanized pipe, copper pipe, and PVC. Versa Tape makes patching, sealing, bundling, splicing, and wrapping simple with a stronger, more flexible roll of tape that’s not just waterproof, it’s water proven. Available at The Home Depot and other fine retailers.

NEW Retractable Tape Dispenser

IPG introduces a new addition to our line of tape dispensers––a pistol grip hand dispenser with a retractable steel blade to help prevent nicks and cuts. For safety, the blade remains retracted during tape dispensing. Improve workplace safety while maximizing efficiency!
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Turn Down for WAT

The Tale of the Tape: Water-Activated Tape (WAT) vs. Pressure-Sensitive Tape (PST). When it comes to packaging speed and security, WAT paper tape is better, faster and stronger than packing tape. IPG is an acknowledged leader in the packaging industry.


At IPG, we understand the needs of today’s dynamic and changing fulfillment environment. Whether you’re an internet retailer, a mail order/catalog provider, a 3PL or managing your own fulfillment operation, we have the products you need to keep your supply chain humming.

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