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Vision Statement

To become an indispensable supplier to our customers, 
exceeding expectations in quality, delivery, and cost 
through continuous improvement, innovation and customer interaction.

IPG E-Business (B2B) Benefits

View & Pay Invoices Online

As more and more companies reduce costs and increase computer based business processes, it becomes more important that Suppliers and Customers exchange information using electronic methods to achieve their overall strategies and meet the defined revenue and cost objectives.

IPG utilizes the latest state-of-the-art electronic methods to move information between systems and users. It is a proven fact that electronic transactions improve the total business process, while providing the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

  • Reduced errors as a result of eliminating the manual data entry and interpreting the figures from a facsimile document
  • Improved cycle time saves potentially hours of delay in entering the order for processing
  • Improved performance is achieved as a result of accurate data and no Customer Service call-backs
  • Increased service levels are achieved with reduced returns, and back orders and allowing the CSR personnel to specialize on service and support issues

Immediate Access to Information

  • Real-time access to all information related to purchase orders, shipments, pricing, and products
  • Immediate access, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, to the following information
    • Contact Us
    • Order Status
    • Shipment Tracking
    • Pricing Inquiry and Download
    • Value Vault Online Shopping Cart 

IPG e-Business Integration Outline

IPG provides the full range of tools and delivery methods to integrate electronic business methods into our systems. We support the following functions:

  • View and Pay Invoices Online
    • This allows you 24/7 access to pay and view invoices, statements, and payment history. To signup, please click the “Request Access” button at the top of this page.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    • This is an industry standard file and transaction mapping process that allows defining a ”trading partner” relationship between the supplier and the customer
  • Web Page / Internet
    • These are Web-based tools (B2B) that allow information exchange via the World Wide Web (Internet)
  • XML (Extensible Markup System)
    • These tools provide a dynamic method of transferring information between system, as opposed to the “fixed” format of EDI
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
    • This is a method to send electronic information to the banks for payment processing

For further information concerning these added features to our B2B functionality, please contact Karin Langolf, Senior Client Relations Specialist.

Please visit our Customer Center and give us your feedback on this site to help us better serve you.