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Geomembrane Liner AquacultureAquaMaster® geosynthetic / geomembranes from IPG have played an integral role in a variety of agricultural applications since the product line was first introduced. From pond liners, lake liners and canal liners to irrigation ditch liners, tank liners, industrial liners and more - the unique coating provides superior UV and hydrostatic resistance, making the product ideally suited for a wide range of agricultural applications.

AquaMaster geomembranes have been used in various aquaculture markets as well, such as fish hatcheries, fish farms, algae harvesting and many more.

AquaMaster geomembrane liners are available in wide widths and can be factory-fabricated and transported to the worksite. This helps reduce the amount of field seaming required and can translate to big savings in installation time. The light weight construction of Aquamaster also helps reduce transportation costs.

Geomembrane Liner Aquaculture

AquaMaster Geomembrane Aquaculture/Agriculture Applications:

  • Irrigation canals
  • Raceway ponds
  • Irrigation ponds
  • Aquaculture tank liners
  • Hay and grain covers 
  • Surplus groundwater storage lagoons
  • Drainage systems
  • Algae harvesting support ponds
  • Environmental protection applications
  • And many more

AquaMaster Geomembrane Agriculture/Aquaculture Advantages:

  • Light weight construction for easier and cost effective installation and transportation
  • Industry leading warranties 
  • Exceptional tear resistance
  • Technologically designed for UV resistance
  • Factory fabricatable

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