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Coal/Ash Remediation

Coal and Ash Remediation GeomembranesProperly designed coal combustion residuals (CCR) containment structures often incorporate geomembrane liners which can help reduce the probability of soil and groundwater contamination. The specialized coating used in the AquaMaster® geosynthetic / geomembrane product line for coal ash provides advanced chemical and hydrostatic resistance, and the woven reinforcement provides superior tensile, puncture and tear strength.

Whether your geomembrane installation is in the arid regions of the American Southwest or the Canadian Arctic, the exclusive AquaMaster geomembrane coal ash product line can stand up to some of the harshest environments. Because the application of geomembranes in coal ash remediation projects is highly regulated, you should consult with local and federal building codes to determine site requirements.

AquaMaster geomembrane liners are available in wide widths and can be factory fabricated and transported to the worksite. This helps reduce the amount of field seaming required and can translate to big savings in installation costs. The light weight construction of AquaMaster also helps reduce transportation costs.

Geomembrane Liner CoalAquaMaster Geomembrane Coal Ash Advantages:

  • Light weight construction for easier and cost effective installation and transportation
  • Industry leading warranties 
  • Exceptional tear resistance 
  • Technologically designed for UV resistance
  • Factory fabricatable 
  • PE40 & PE45 have a five layer structure with a unique interior barrier layer protected by two reinforcing layers

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