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Install House Wrap & Flashing

See our video on how to install house wrap and window flashing using IPG's NovaWrap ASPIRE Building Wrap and NovaFlash Self-Adhered Window Flashing.

House Wrap & Self-Adhered Flashing

NovaWrap Aspire Building Wrap

NovaWrap Aspire building wrap provides advanced protection against air and moisture infiltration into the wall cavity. Its industry leading permeance rating is optimized for better building science. Other Features: Breathable, allowing vapor and condensation to escape from wall cavities; UV and weather resistant, can be left exposed up to 6 months; Can contribute to LEED points; 15-year limited warranty.

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Has one of the lowest air leakage rates in the industry
  • Provides superior water holdout

Building Codes:

ICC-ES AC 38 (ESR-2235)
CCMC #13292-R
CCMC #13329-R

IPG NovaWrap Brand

NovaWrap GP is a breathable, perforated building wrap that allows the air to pass through the wall system while repelling water infiltration. It is strong and light weight to improve installation time and UV stable up to 6 months.

Building Codes:

✔ ICC-ES, Meets AC38 Grade D (ESR-3431)

IPG NovaWrap Brand

NovaFlash SA Ultra Window & Door Flashing prevents water intrusion around window and door cavities. It self seals around nails, screws and staples, creating a barrier that prevents air infiltration. Other Features: Durable; Tear resistant; Puncture resistant; Can be applied in extreme temperature conditions; AAMA 711-13 compliant; Low profile; 6 months UV resistance.

Building Codes:

✔ Meets requirements of AAMA 711-13 (Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Product)

Along with IPG’s weather barrier systems - NovaWrap, NovaSeal® and sheathing tapes - our NovaFlash products allow the contractor and building owner the peace of mind they need for years ahead.

IPG NovaFlash Brand

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