100e 72mm Main

100ePressure-Sensitive Kraft Paper Tape

100e is an aggressive pressure sensitive paper carton sealing tape that features an adhesive that was specifically designed to provide a strong and secure seal on a variety of carton types and sizes.
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Key Features

Excellent process performance, whether manually or automatically applied. Superior adhesion properties, quick tack, and easy unwind to ensure consistent, reliable sealing.


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  • 100e - adhesive bites substrates

    Aggressive adhesive that bites into the substrate

  • 100e - Hand-tearable for ease of application

    Hand-tearable for ease of application

  • 100e - Easy and consistent unwind

    Easy and consistent unwind

  • 100e - Quick tack for a strong hold

    Quick tack for a strong hold

  • 100e - Support Sustainability

    Supports sustainability

  • 100e - Silicon Free

    Silicon Free

  • Blue Bin Compatible

    Blue bin compatible on carton