B4180Double-Coated Foam Tape

Cross-linked high density polyethylene, closed cell foam coated on both sides (double-coated) with a permanent bonding acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by an easy release treated 3 mil PE film liner (green). Adhesion allows permanent bond to a variety of irregular surfaces. Resistant to solvents/chemicals, UV and heat.
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Key Features

Ideal for the automotive aftermarket industry. Mounting and joining nameplates, signs, plaques, point-of-purchase, plastic hooks, etc. Long term mounting of exterior trims. General-purpose indoor/outdoor mounting and joining. For bonding and repair of metal or plastic articles (e.g. houseware, bathroom accessories, etc.).


Assembly / Freezer Mounting Bonding & Mounting - Auto Aftermarket Bonding & Mounting - Transportation Bonding and Mounting - Appliance Non-Critical Securing


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