EndurabubbleTri-Web Bubble for Extra Strength

Endurabubble tri-web consists of DurabubbleRP with a sheet of polyethylene laminated to the top of the bubble. The result is a very strong cushioning and surface protection product that provides additional puncture resistance and bubble integrity. Endurabubble has a superior burst strength. The bubble withstands pressure and abuse, giving maximum product protection. Endurabubble has tacky film surface so the product remains stationary when packed during shipment.
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Key Features

Endurabubble Tri-Web Bubble is the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of products, including Musical Instruments, Leather/Fabric Furniture, Metal Sheeting Automotive Parts, and Giftware. This bubble wrap offers superior protection, providing complete coverage of products and shielding them from dirt, moisture, and other environmental hazards.


Bracing & Cushioning


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