TT-1400ECase Erector

The TT-1400E case erecting module features an easy-to-load case flat magazine and bottom flaps glue sealer. One TT-1400E module reaches speeds up to 25 CPM, and it can handle a wide range of case sizes. Multiple modules can be used within one packaging system to achieve higher speeds and efficiencies. Easy setup and changeover will help you maximize your valuable uptime, while overall compact footprint allows for economical use of your floor space.

Key Features

  • Compact Overall Footprint
  • Wide Range of Case Sizes
  • Flexible Speeds up to 25CPM
  • Easy-To-Load Case Magazine
  • Hot-Melt Glue or Tape Closing
  • Easy Setup and Changeover


tt-1400e case erector feed-nobkgd