TT-1400RELPRobotic Case Erector, Loader and Palletizer

The TT-1400RELP is a Robotic Top Load Case Packer and Palletizer that can reach speeds up to 2 cases per minute. The robotic arm with specific EOAT is utilized for case erecting, case loading, and palletizing applications, which makes this solution ideal for a business that values flexibility and compactness over speed. Designed and built for case packing of stand-up pouches, this particular model is perfect for the casing of any pouch-packed product, whether it’s coffee, flour, sugar, candy, or stick packs.
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Key Features

TT-1400RELP features a compact overall footprint so you can rest assured it will fit your floor space. Reliable and portable with simple operation and user-friendly interface, the TT-1400RELP will be up and running in no time. Built from welded tubular stainless steel with hinged cover panels and safety electrical interlocks, TT-1400RELP is a powerful and efficient case packer and palletizer that meets the highest standards with state-of-the-art simplicity.